The IQS7211 ProxFusion® IC is a sensor fusion device targeting the wearable fitness market. A low-power dedicated wake-up touch button launches full trackpad/touchscreen (up to 32 channel) sensing with best-in-class sensitivity and power consumption.

Main Features

  • Highly flexible ProxFusion® device
  • 12 (QFN) / 10 (WLCSP) configurable external sensor pad connections
  • Mutual/Self capacitive sensor configuration for display wake-up
  • ULP wake-up on touch
    • Dedicated Ultra Low Power wake-up touch sensor or
    • Wake-up on display/trackpad
  •  Sensor flexibility
    • Automatic sensor tuning for optimum sensitivity
    • Internal voltage regulator
    • Reference capacitor
    • On-chip noise filtering
    • Detection debounce and hysteresis
    • Wide range of capacitance detection
  • Trackpad/Touchscreen
    • High resolution coordinate outputs
    • Fast response: Coordinate report rate up to 100Hz
    • Individual sensor touch (for up to 32 touch key applications)
    • Integrated touch size output (area and strength) for touch integrity
    • Gesture recognition engine
    • Electrode mapping for optimal PCB layout
    • Configurable coordinate resolution and orientation
    • Compatible with wide range of overlay materials and thicknesses
    • Compatible with multiple 1- and 2- layer sensor patterns
    • Adjustable sensing frequency offset for limiting potential display interference
    • No calibration required – systems automatically compensated for mechanical & temperature changes
    • Water immunity features
  •  Design & manufacturing support
    • Touch pattern layout drawing
    • Full FPC layout package (example & customized)
    • Test guide for touch pattern
    • RFI immunity design support


    • Fitness Bands
    • True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds
    • Game controller touch pads
    • Headphones
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