The IQS231/A single channel capacitive proximity/touch controller for SAR applications. The IQS231/A has human movement detection and can detect human interaction during power on and a quick release. The device also features failsafe operation with a heartbeat.



  • Optimized for SAR applications
  • Human movement detection - distinguish between humans and inanimate objects
  • Failsafe operation with heartbeat
  • Quick release for preventing unwanted activations
  • Minimal external components
  • Standalone and I2C modes
  • OTP or I2C configuration
  • Optional external threshold adjustment
  • Self and Projected capacitive sensing
  • Synchronization input for strategic sampling windows
  • Various power modes: 100Hz, 30Hz, 8Hz, 4Hz sample rates
  • Pin compatible replacement solution for the IQS128
  • 6 pin TSOT23-6
  • 10 pin DFN (IQS231A)
  • 8 pin WLCSP (IQS231A)


  • SAR Sensor
  • Hybrid antennas (RF and capacitive sensing combined)
  • Movement sensing applications (user interaction detection, anti-theft)
  • Hold detection for screen activation
  • On-ear detection
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Includes 1x IQS231A Shield board, 3x IQS231A Stamp module and 10x IQS231A IC’s.
Connect Shield board and Stamp module to PC via CT210/A to evaluate user proximity, quick release ability and threshold input select option with GUI.

 NOTE: CT210/A sold separately.

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