The IQS127D is a single channel capacitive sensor device for applications that require both proximity and touch detection.



  • Automatic Tuning Implementation (ATI)
  • Internal Capacitor Implementation (ICI)
  • Supply voltage: 2.95V to 5.5V
  • Minimal external components
  • Data streaming option
  • Advanced on-chip digital signal processing
  • Ultra Low Power (15uA)
  • Time-out for stuck key
  • Output mode (Direct / Latch / Toggle)
  • Proximity and Touch Button sensitivity
  • 6 pin TSOT23-6
  • Touch: 6mm plastic, 10mm glass
  • Proximity: 15cm


  • Replacement for electromechanical switches
  • LCD, Plasma & LED TVs
    • Proximity enabled backlighting
  • Wake up from standby detection / touch keys
  • White goods and appliances
  • Office equipment, toys
  • Hermetically sealed Human Interface Devices
  • Find-In-The-Dark (FITD) applications
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Includes 3x IQS127D Stamp modules.
Embed into custom design and interface to host MCU to evaluate proximity and touch functions.

NOTE: CT210/A and IQS127D Shield board sold separately.

Iqs127d Ev01 Azoteq Product Evaluation Kits
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Includes 1x IQS127D Shield board, 1x IQS127 Touch button, 1x IQS127D Stamp module and 1x IQS127D Stamp Module configured in data streaming mode.
Connect Shield board and Stamp module to PC via CT210/A to evaluate proximity and touch functions with GUI.

 NOTE: CT210/A sold separately.

Iqs127d Ev02 Azoteq Product Evaluation Kits
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Azoteq provides software used for the serial streaming of data to a computer utilising the Azoteq USB-dongles. Each IC has its own dedicated software and is intended for prototyping purposes and can be found on the Azoteq website under Software and Tools.

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