App Note Description Devices Link
AZD004 Azoteq Capacitive Sensing All Contact Azoteq
AZD005 Updating Firmware on CTxxx All Download
AZD007 USBProg Overview All Download
AZD008 Design Guidelines for Touch Pads All Download
AZD009 Implementation of Driven Shield All Download
AZD010 In-Circuit Programming IQS127D Contact Azoteq
AZD012 Effect of steam and water spray on ProxSense devices All Contact Azoteq
AZD013 ESD Performance Overview All Download
AZD014 Grounding effects in the power supply of capacitive sensors All Download
AZD015 RF Immunity and detection in ProxSense devices All Download
AZD015b RF-immunity Quick Reference All Download
AZD017 IQS127 1-Wire Protocol Sample Code IQS127D Contact Azoteq
AZD018 Setup of IQS127 for Data Streaming using VisualProxSense IQS127D Contact Azoteq
AZD022 In circuit testing All Download
AZD024 Graphical Representation of the IIR Filter All Download
AZD026 Configuration Tools Overview All Download
AZD027 Antenna Tuning Implementation IQS127 & IQS420 Contact Azoteq
AZD032 IQS316 Communication Interface IQS316 Download
AZD033 Automatic soap dispenser application IQS127 Download
AZD034 Wear & Play TM Auto ON-OFF for portable devices IQS211 & others Download
AZD036 Mutual Capacitance Button Layout Guideline All Download
AZD040 1-Wire UART streaming IQS128 Download
AZD041 IQS128 Design Guide for On Ear Detection for Mobile Phones IQS128 Download
AZD042 CAPPO Hardware Design All Download
AZD043 Optical vs. Capacitive Sensors All Download
AZD044 Lead Free Reflow Profile and Moisture Sensitivity Level All Download
AZD050 Effects of large floating metal on capacitive sensing All Download
AZD051 Electrical Fast Transient Burst Guidelines All Download
AZD051b Electrical Fast Transient Burst Quick Guide All Download
AZD052 Conducted Immunity Guidelines All Download
AZD052b Conducted Immunity Quick Guide All Download
AZD056 IQS243 Signal to Noise Measurements IQS243 Download
AZD057 In Circuit Programming All Download
AZD058 Tablet Computer Proximity Sensors All Download
AZD061 Azoteq Auto Tuning Article All Download
AZD062 IQS253 Communication Interface Guideline IQS253 Download
AZD062-SC IQS253 Communication Interface Guideline- Simplified Chinese IQS253 Download
AZD063 RS100 Remote Streamer Overview All Download
AZD064 IQS259 Communication Interface Guideline IQS259 Download
AZD065 IQS243 Communication Interface Guideline IQS243 Download
AZD066 IQS213 Communication Interface Guideline IQS213 Download
AZD067 IQS5xx Communication Interface Guideline IQS5xx Download
AZD068 Trackpad Design Guide. A comprehensive Design Guide is available on special request IQS5xx, IQS360 Download
AZD069 Implementing a Capacitive Swipe-Switch IQS213 Download
AZD070 IQS5xx programming and data streaming guide IQS525, 550 Download
AZD071 Low Cost Slider Design using the IQS213A IQS213A Download
AZD072 IQS333 Communications guide IQS333 Download
AZD073 SAR Qualification with Azoteq Movement Based Sensors IQS229 Download
AZD074 How to design a $3.50 educational touch toy with voice feedback IQS525, 550 Download
AZD075 How to design a non-uniform/curved touch keys All Download
AZD076 How to design a non-uniform/curved touchpad IQS525, 550 Download
AZD078 Simulated test finger specifications All Download
AZD079 IQS213A response rate IQS213A Download
AZD080 Prolonged Detection using Capacitive Proximity Sensors IQS127, 128, 229 Download
AZD081 Capacitive sensing techniques to meet SAR requirements IQS128, 253 Download
AZD082 Using capacitive sensing to reduce power in appliances IQS232 Download
AZD084 A Guide for isolated digital communications All Download
AZD085 Standards based approach to EMC problems All Download
AZD086 ESD testing for touch applications All Download
AZD087 Setup and user guide for the IQS5XX-B000 series IQS5XX-B000 series Download
AZD088 IQS263 Communications Interface Guideline IQS263 Download
AZD089 Smart touch remote reference design using IQS525-B000 IQS525-B000 Download
AZD092 IQS624 Application Note IQS624 Download
AZD097 On-ear Detection for Headphones IQS62x & IQS269A Download
AZD104 Novel way of PIR sensing with ProxFusion IQS62x Download
AZD110 Wear Detect for Wearables and Fitness bands IQS6xx and IQS269A Download
AZD114 Azoteq TWS Reference Design IQS6xx and IQS269A Contact Azoteq
AZD115 Inductive Sensing with IQS62x and IQS269 devices IQS62x and IQS269 Download
AZDIS IQS269A Inductive Sensing Quick Start Guide IQS6xx & IQS269A Download